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I learned at a young age to save and to invest my money. Because of these skills that I learned from my parents and teachers, I have benefited greatly from their wisdom.  I have been able to you those skills to quickly pay off my debts (car, tuition, etc.) and live a very independent life.

financeOne thing that has always stayed with me  is a quote from my finance professor. He told me that my financial goal in life should always be to have my money working for me, instead of working for money. I have been putting my money to good use as I have been investing in the stock market for a number of years now. Of course, I have made some rookie mistakes, but over time I have had great returns on my investments.

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  1. Hi Justin, I know you follow NQ and have read several of your posts on Seeking Alpha. I am curious why nobody has mentioned that SAC Capital filed a 13G last week, dated March 18th, increasing their stake 10X in NQ. The 13G states SAC now owns 7.7million shares, up from 700k previously, or 5.1% of the company. I too am long NQ. Here is the link to the filing:

  2. Thanks Justin, I was not aware of this site. I would have thought the latest SAC 13G would have received a little more coverage/exposure given their substantial increase in ownership. It was not even mentioned by the mainstream who reported on NQ in the past. Interesting.

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