New College Football = So Long Rivalries

Conference realignment, Super Conferences, Conference Championship games and now a Four Team Playoff! My oh my what a decade has done for college football. Remember back in the day when you grew up hating that one certain team? Ya know… that team you played against every year… The rival! Remember the classic rivalry stories that your grandpa or father told you when you were a kid. How about those classic games you watched, hoping and praying that your team would come through in the clutch to claim the ultimate prize, those precious bragging rights! Sadly, at this rate there won’t be any prizes left in college football.

Rivalries are a dying breed in college football. We have already begun to see many of the best rivalries killed off by conference realignment and the power and greed of those conference commissioners. Say goodbye to Oklahoma/Nebraska, Notre Dame/Michigan, Pitt/Penn State, Texas/Arkansas, and Notre Dame/Miami, all of which were at one time considered sacred, but currently do not play on a regular basis.

Then last year it was announced that the Texas – Texas A&M rivalry was ending. The Texas – Texas A&M game is one of the oldest rivalries in all of the country when it began in 1894. The interstate rivalry between the two schools is separated by only 100 miles. Yet they are in different conferences now? Texas A&M which was part of the conference realignment shuffle last summer is now be a member of the SEC while Texas is in the Big 12.

Then just this afternoon it was announced that Utah was suspending the rivalry with BYU. This rivalry known as the Holy War, dates back to 1896. These two schools are separated by just 45 miles, yet are also in different leagues (Pac 12 & Independence) because of the whole conference realignment mess. In the last 20 games that these two teams have played against each other have resulted in 11 Utah wins and 9 BYU wins. Incredibly 14 of the last 18 games have been decided by 7 pts or less. What about the memories…

“Harline Is Still Open”

“Burton Is Still unblocked”

4th & 18 “Magic Happens”

College rivalries are dying a quick and painful death. Tradition has been tossed by the wayside. All for what… More Money? Scheduling an easier game that guarantees your team a win? Is it really worth it? Really? Ruining hundreds of years of traditions and memories. Luckily there are still some teams out there that have stayed true to their colors by keeping the rivalries going for their fans & athletes. Let us see if they can last in the new college power that has come to be.

-Justin Giles

  1. College sports is about the community, the memories, and the rivalries. I don’t like the “professional money” feel to it now. Here’s to hoping the U and the Y find a way to continue the Holy War on an annual basis.

    P.S. Texas and Texas A&M is an “intrastate” rivalry, not an “interstate”. Just an FYI.

    GO UTES!

    • I Agree! The Power and Greed in athletics is ridiculous these days! If Utah did happen to lose to BYU lets say, Utah would still have the PAC 12 race to get into those “precious” BCS Bowl Games. Instead they are going to schedule down… Not good!

  2. Blame the Utes for quitting on the rivalry. Go ahead and run away Pac 12 “big boys”…..BYU isn’t running away from anyone.

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